Into the Water

1.Waiting for the Time / 2.Into the Water / 3.It's All There / 4.Heavy in the Air / 5.No One Stays
2019 Sunday Drive Records(US) / Self(Japan)

Split with And Protector

And Protector / ゴーストタウン
And Protector / 憂い
Hollow Suns / Back in my head
Hollow Suns / Believe in(Video)
2018 cosmicnote

Hollow Suns II

1.Drift Me Off(Video) / 2.Out Of Touch(Video) / 3.Caller(Video) / 4.Longest Night(Video)
2017 Self-Release

Hollow Suns (S/T)

1.A Blaze Of Light / 2.Veins / 3.Chasing Time (Video)
2015 Self-Release